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Ivan Kollar

  • Feb 07, 2010
Investment Strategy

Ivan Kollar is an investment professional for the last 28 years.  First as a broker, eventually moving to asset management and now as a portfolio manager with Marketocracy.   The overall objective of the fund is to outperform the SP 500 index, while hedging against down side market movement.  He thoroughly examines his portfolio to ensure that the securities within perform well regardless of overall market conditions.  This might include undervalued securities, securities with significant dividend payouts or turn around situations.  The securities might also be concentrated within a particular market sector or market genre.  An example, the portfolio might skew toward energy or healthcare sector or might skew toward a genre such as technology changes within the banking footprint.  While every security is different and needs to be evaluated based upon its own merit, overall market conditions can have an impact upon short term directions of many securities.  To protect against down side risk in the overall portfolio Ivan will make use of ETF's.  These ETF's can be geared toward a specific market segment, overall market, or inverse ETF's.  The use of ETF's is an attempt to capture potential market moves while the individual stocks in his portfolio have time to realize their full potential. 

(IMF) ivankollar's Mutual Fund
11+ YRS (As of: 07/02/2020) 8.94% 13.18% View Fund Stats
10 YRS 8.36% 13.98% Fund has a 10 year track record.  
5 YRS -2.47% 10.72% Fund has a 5 year track record.  
3 YRS -4.88% 10.72% Fund has a 3 year track record.  
1 YR -4.62% 7.44% Fund has a 1 year track record.  
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    Market Beating Manager Expects Stocks To Rally

    Ivan Kollar says we are about to start a 3 month rally. The technical analysis and cycle theory schools of investing have not produced many investors with superior, verifiable track records. Ivan is Read More...

    Recent Stock Market Actions 5/17/2016

    As written in my previous blog dated on April, 26th I was expecting a short term drop in the market to bring the SP500 down to the 2000 level. Currently, as of May 17th, the SP500 is at 2044. This Read More...

    Suburban Propane Partners Can Help You Beat The Market Over 3 to 5 Years

    Suburban Propane Partners’ (SPH) 11% dividend is roughly equal to the S&P 500’s long run return. But in addition to the dividend, Ivan Kollar says SPH has the potential to appreciate 33% if oil Read More...

    Recent Stock Market Actions 4/26/16

    As written in my previous blog dated January 24, 2016, I was expecting significant increases in the SP500 and Dow Jones averages. My expectations have been met. The SP500 currently stands at 2088 a Read More...

    Stock Market Updates

    The market will continue higher in the short term, with most indexes reaching new highs within a few weeks. This rally will be short lived however but should be used to prepare ourselves for a Read More...

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